Cloth Analysis and Design Practice - 18217
 Periods/Week   Periods in one
0 0 3 60 50 40 10





SL Topics Periods
1. Cloth Analysis 30
2. Design 12
3. Elements of Colour 18
  Total 60


 Topics  Content Periods
01 Cloth Analysis 30
01.01 Analyse of small sample of cloth for the purpose of reproduction (simple weaves like elementary weaves and its derivatives, diamond and diaper, simple fancy weaves).
  • Find out material
  • Face and back sides
  • Warp and weft
  • Fabric name and types of fibres used
  • Fabric type and weave
  • Ends and picks per inch
  • Counts of warp and weft
  • Type of yarn (single or folded)
  • Direction of twist (Z or S)
  • Crimp percentage of warp and weft
  • Arrangement of colour thread (if any)
  • Yarn diameter
  • Cover factors
  • Blend composition
  • Percentage contraction of warp and weft
  • Construct design, draft and peg-plan on graph paper
  • Loom particulars and manufacturing data of these types of fabrics: Manufacturing Data: No. of heald shafts, heald counts, reed count, pick wheel, width in reed (in.) - body & selvedges, ends/inch in reed, total no. of ends, warp length, cloth length, cloth width, area, thickness, weight in lb (warp + size + weft = Total; Fabric wt. in oz/sq-yd; Fabric class and fabric condition)
  • Any finish
01.02 Special features, any defects, comment and precautions. 02
02 Design 12
02.01 Practice of conversion of simple artistic design to design paper for weaving. 06
02.02 Preparation of plain tappet loom design with particulars required for weaving like drafts of warp, denting, peg-plan. 06
03 Elements of Colour 18
03.01 Preparation of colour charts showing primary, secondary and tertiary colour. 04
03.02 Preparation of mixed colour effects. 04
03.03 Practice of colour harmony and contrast. 04
03.04 Preparation of small border design. 04
03.05 Free hand sketching. 02


 Scheme of Examination: Final Examination Marks = 40
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