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As we all know that Drawing is the language of a technician. Hence in order to make a technician master of Civil Engineering Drawing, He should be able to prepare detailed drawing of civil engineering structures which he will come across during in service.




The detailed Drawing prepared in class should be neatly drawn on drawing sheets and should be preserved on drawing sheets as life time record. He may refer their drawings; whenever some compulsion arises in understanding similar drawing.



SL Topics
1. Plan, Elevation and Section of a single storey Residential Building having three main rooms, kitchen, bath, store and verandah with flat roof, showing details of stepped foundation.
2. Plan, Elevation and Section of a double storeyed public building with flat roof.

Plan, Elevation and Section of a single storey residential building with inclined roof. (Verandah lean to roof and other rooms couple roof).

4. Plan, Elevation and Section of a double storeyed building with Ground floor having flat roof and first floor having inclined roof.
5. Plan, Elevation and Section of a Godown Building 50 metre long, 15 metre wide with inclined roof supported over Tubular Truss. Note: Foundation details of Load Bearing walls should also be drawn.
6. Sectional Elevation of the following showing details of Rafters and purlins. (a) King Post Truss (b) Queen Post Truss (c) North light Tubular Roof Truss, Enlarged details of important joints should also be shown.
7. Sectional Plan, longitudinal section and Front Elevation of ledged and Braced, Fully paneled and Glazed doors and windows and Flush door.
8. Plan, half Elevation and half cross section of a single span R.C.C. Slab Culvert, Masonary Arched Culvert and Pipe Culvert.


 Recommended Books
SL Title/Publisher Author
1. Civil Engineering Drawing D. N. Bose
2. A text book of Building Drawing Sah and Kale
3. Civil Engineering Drawing B. N. Verma
4. Civil Engineering Drawing Published T.T.T.I. Bhopal
5. Civil Engineering Drawing Gurucharan Singh and S. C. Sharma
6. Civil Engineering Drawing Mallik and Meo.
7. I. S. Code 696 and 962. -
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