Fundamentals of Library Classification & Cataloguing System - 14208
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Rationale and Objectives


To identify a book or a bit of information from a huge store of knowledge, a professional needs to find out and make available the right book (information) of the right reader (seeker) at the right moment.


For this purpose a student is trained to search out the common characteristics among a group of subjects as well as segregate them according to their uncommon features. Now the common subjects are put under one heading. The process of classification is important and three such internationally accepted classification schemes have been discussed with special stress of Dewey Decimal Classification 19th edition.


Training to project the holdings of a library/information centre according to accepted universal codes of cataloguing is the second objective of this paper. For this purpose basic introductory lessons on cataloguing with special stress on AACR-II has been discussed.


SL Topics Periods
1. Library Classification (Introduction of DDC) -
2. Canons of Classification -
3. Notation -
4. Devices -
5. Phase Relation -
6. Cataloguing -
7. Catalogue Codes: Introduction
8. Kinds of Entries
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 Topics  Content Periods
01 Library Classification (Introduction of DDC) -
01.01 History of Classification   
01.02 Kinds of Classification   
01.03 Needs of Purpose   
01.04 Characteristics   
02 Canons of Classification -
02.01 Idea Plane  
02.02 Verbal Plane  
02.03 Notational Plane  
03 Notation -
03.01 Meaning and Definition  
03.02 Need and Purpose of Notation  
03.03 Kinds of Notation  
03.04 Qualities of a Good Notation  
04 Devices -
04.01 Introduction  
04.02 Kinds of Devices: Geographical Devices, Alphabetical Devices, Super Imposition Devices, Mnemonics Devices, Classic Device, Facet Device, Decimal Fraction Device, Favoured Device Category and Sector Device.  
05 Phase Relation -
05.01 Intra Array, Intra Facet, Facet to Facet.  
06 Cataloguing -
06.01 Definition  
06.02 History of Cataloguing  
06.03 Forms of Catalogue: Book/Sheet/Carels MARC Form of Catalogue  
06.04 Dictionary & Classified form of Catalogue  
07 Catalogue Codes: Introduction -
07.01 Anglo American Cataloguing Rule 1967 AACR-I  
07.02 Outlines of Anglo American Cataloguing  
07.03 AACR-II  
08 Kinds of Entries -
08.01 Function of Entries  
08.02 Parts of Entries  
08.03 Arrangement and Filling of Entries  


 Recommended Books
SL Title/Publisher Author
1. Classification: Theory and Practice. Krishna Kumar
2. Dewey Decimal Classification, 19th Edition. Melwil Dewey
3. Theory of Cataloguing G. Kumar and K. Kumar
4. Cataloguing Theory and Practice. C. G. Bishwanath
R.B.S.I. Publisher, Jaipur.
R.B.S.I. Publisher, Jaipur.
G. Kumar and K. Kumar
8. S. S. Agarwal


 Scheme of Examination: Final Examination Marks = 80
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