Workshop Practice - 00114
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Rationale and Objective


A Diploma holder technician must know how to work on shop floor. This helps to develop psychomotor skill and attitude. The knowledge and skill to use machines, equipment, tools and measuring instruments is required to be developed. Safe handling of machines and tools is also very important. So, it is essential for students of 1st year to undergo basic workshop practical training. The topics include practical works in carpentry, welding, fitting, smithy sheet metal shop and machine shop. It is required to inculcate safe habits and attitude so that accidents are avoided at every step. Topics have been prescribed to fulfill these objectives.

The students are supposed to come in proper workshop dress. Wearing shoes in the workshop is compulsory.

SL Topics No. of Jobs Periods
1. Safety precautions and knowledge of Hand Tools .. 03
2. Wood Working (Carpentry Section) 02 24
3. Fitting Section 02 24
4. Blacksmithy Section 02 18
5. Welding 02 12
6. Sheet Metal Work 02 15
7. Paint and Varnish Shop .. 09
8. Electrical & Electronics Workshop Practices 02 15
   Total 120


 Topic  Contents Periods
 01 - Safety Precautions and Knowledge of Hand-Tools 03
01.01 Importance, general safety precautions on different shop floors.  
01.02 Personal, tools and general safety.  
 02 - Wood Working (Carpentry Section) 24
02.01 Carpentry Practice.  
02.01.01 Use of hand tools for holding drilling, cutting, marking and mixed tools such as vice, clamps, saw, hammers, mallet, screwdriver, etc. 03
02.01.02 Different carpenter joints and their application (Mortish and Tanon, Dovetail, Half Lap, etc. 03
02.02 Identification of joint in a particular job articles of furniture items. 03
02.03 Jobs to be made: Wall Hanger, Pulse Mixer. 15
 03 - Fitting Section 24
03.01 Importance of fitting operation such as chipping, sawing, filling, scraping, drilling, reaming etc. 03
03.02 Functions, classification of tools, work holding and clamping specific tools for example File (length, type, grade of cut etc.) vices, cold chiesel, hand tools etc. 03
03.03 Use of Hand Dies and Tape for Pipe Work (Water and Sans) 03

Fitting Practice and Jobs:

  • Male-Female Joint

  • Chipping

  • Filling

  • Scraping

  • Marking

  • Fitting

 04 - Blacksmithy Section 18
04.01 Introduction to smithy tools and their uses. 03
04.02 Smithy Practice (Forging). Smithy operation such as offsetting, drawing, bending, welding round to square section and vice-versa. 03
04.03 Jobs to be made:
  • Chiesel

  • Ring

  • Punch

  • Screw Driver

 05 - Welding 12
05.00 Before starting welding, the Foreman/Instructor should show to the students the methods of line testing, working of iron clad switches, knife switches. By observation a student is able to: Identify welding materials, Understand difference between gas welding and electric welding, Understand difference between welding and soldering, Know the materials which can be welded and materials which can not be welded. 03
05.01 Introduction to gas welding. 03
05.02 Use of welding equipment and tools and accessories including Personal Protective requirement such as Boot, Gloves, safety goggles, Apron, etc.  
05.03 Welding Practice:
  • Butt Joint

  • T - Joint

05.04 Introduction to brazing process, filler material and fluxes application of brazing.  
 06 - Sheet Metal Work 15
06.01 Introduction to sheet metal, procedure and safety precautions. 03
06.02 Acquaintance with sheet metal tools and their safe use.  
06.03 Sheet Metal Practice.  
06.03.01 Simple Development and cutting, bending and shearing of sheet metal  
06.03.02 Marking 09
06.03.03 Filing and Finishing.  
06.03.04 Fabrication of Sheet Metal:
  • Cabinet

  • Conical Funnel

 07 - Paint and Varnish Shop 09
07.01 Introduction, application and Identification of Painting and Varnishes.  
07.02 Preparation of surface before painting, application of primer coat and painting steel item.  
07.03 Polishing and Painting on wooden items.  
07.04 Practice in Anodizing.  
07.05 Practice in Electroplating a component.  
 08 - Electrical & Electronics Workshop Practices 15
08.01 Electrical Fuse.  
08.02 Tester.  
08.03 Diode Rectifier.  
08.04 Wiring (Including two ways switch).  
08.05 Main Switch.  
08.06 Different types of Soldering Iron and soldering practices.  
08.07 Colour code and Identification of registers, capacitors and inductors - their combinations in series and parallel.  
08.09 Multimeter and its uses in measurement of resistance, current and voltage - AC and DC components.  


 Recommended Books
SL Title Author/Publisher
1. Shop Theory Anderson/Tata McGraw Hill
2. Workshop and Tools Hand Book Audel Series
 Reference Books
SL Title Author/Publisher
1. Workshop Practice Chapman
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