Engineering Physics Lab - 00111
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SL Experiments
 Preparation of Journal based on any 10 experiments of the following:
1. Determination of diameter using Slide Callipers.
2. Determination of depth using Slide Callipers.
3. Measurement of diameter of wire using Screw Gauge.
4. Measurement of thickness using Screw Gauge.
5. Determination of thickness of a plate using Spherometer.
6. Measurement of radius of curvature of a Convex Surface using Spherometer.
7. Study the relation between length of a Simple pendulum and square of its time period.
8. Measurement of resistance using Post Office Box.
9. Verification of Laws of Series and parallel grouping of resistances using P.O. Box.
10. Determination of resistance using meter bridge.
11. Study relationship between current and potential difference at different lengths of meter bridge (or potentiometer) wire.
12. Comparison of E.M.F. of two cells using potentiometer.
13. Determination of angle of repose using inclined plane friction table and to find co-efficient of friction.
14. Study of Junction Diode.
15. Comparison of illuminating power (luminous intensity) of two light sources using Photoelectric Cell.


 Recommended Books
SL Title Author/Publisher
1. Practical Physics N. N. Ghosh
2. Practical Physics Sharma Singh & Prasad/Bharti Bhawan Publication
3. Practical Physics Durga Pd. Singh
4. Practical Physics C.L. Arora/S. Chand & Co.
4. Practical Physics K.K. Mahindroo/Pitambar Publishing Co., New Delhi


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